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Brooks held a fascinating and far-ranging conversation on April 18. Bush Presidential Center’s Forum on Leadership, Dr.

Frankly, it is unlikely that an unmarried woman with a limited public history of personal relationships with either men or women would ever be elected to the office of US President.These principles anchored America’s worldview through Republican and Democratic administrations alike because they also brought peace and prosperity to our own country. Rice called for putting principle back in how America interacts with the world.When asked what single change she would make in foreign policy, she urged making compassion the center of what we do.She noted that the architecture that America devised and maintained in the seven decades since the end of World War II – including political, military, and economic structures – is being neglected and at risk of collapse.For example, a commitment to international trade, governed by a set of mutually agreed principles and multilateral institutions, helped rebuild prosperity and anchored democracy in the vanquished Axis powers of Germany and Japan, but also helped propel growth in the United States and the allied nations that defeated them. Rice lamented and emphatically rejected the rise of the notion that trade is a zero-sum game.

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