Women and dating games

She told Sixth Tone that she enjoys the attention from virtual paramours, as her long-distance real-life boyfriend is often busy.“He replies to my messages, but not always on time,” she explained.

Miya Jiang, a 25-year-old player in Shanghai, is not single.We're looking for a life partner, not a father figure," 35-year old Ahna says, echoing every other independent woman out there.9.When the time comes to meet the parents, be super chill.“My boyfriend is closer to my dad’s age than he is to mine,” says Sarah, 27.“When I first told my parents that I was dating someone much older they were skeptical -- but once we hit the one-year mark they finally understood that it wasn’t a phase, and wanted to meet him, which was weird, but I think that the way my boyfriend handled it was great.

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