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My charr warrior has red eyes, so I picked red and translated that to Latin.Apparently ' Byrrus' was one of many Latin translations for red and I thought it sounded cool, so I picked that as his first name.The asura one is easy, just any short pronounceable string of letters that contains a double hard consonant.Well if I were to just vomit names that sound asura-ish... For male it's at the end of their name and it's usually just one syllable.Jatt, Plexx, Rizz, Watt/Wattz, Zikk, Blittz/Blitzz/Blixx... Surprisingly hard to make one that doesn't sound like an already existing English word that would be dumb as a name. For females it's somewhere in the middle and most often more than one syllable. Zojja, Oola (bit special since it's not consonants,) Rexxa.Asuras usually have quite simply names with very few syllables, like Snaff (1 syllable) or Zojja (2 syllables). Humans vary depending on where they're from in Tyria.

Most asura won't use them when referring to that asura. Her krewe (and my guild) call her Jini though, so I guess it mostly fits with asuran lore (which was something I learned only today from this thread). You could go for a theme that fits the looks of your character, fits the profession of your character.Because I have a lot of problems naming my Characters/ Playercharacter in every game and everywhere. sometimes if i find a name i like, i mess around with the spelling a lil bit too, just to make sure its not a taken name.For a human, I'd use some name of an assassin-like character from some less popular novel I've read because I'm unoriginal but I don't want too many people to know.I've currently got 8 characters, all pretty much named that way with the exception of my main, who was named after a character of mine in another game.I came up with that name originally too, but I don't recall the process for that one : PI have: For the more human characters, I went for more human-y sounding names - Jasper, Myra, Elysse, and Alida, and then went for last names that seemed a bit more down to earth.

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