Yamaha guitar dating

I’ve created this site because I love Yamaha Pacifica guitars–especially the older Pacificas from the mid 90s.So if you have a Yamaha Pacifica guitar or want to know a little bit more about them, I hope you find this site fun, useful or inspiring.The most common Yamaha serial numbers follow a system that uses 2 letters, followed by 5 numbers. The letters H to Q each represent the number that the year the guitar was built in .Let’s look at an example of what this might look like – MM12022 From this we can tell that this is the 22 guitar built on June 12 of either 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996 or 2006. H = 1 I = 2 J = 3 K = 4 L = 5 M = 6 N = 7 O = 8 P = 9 Q = 0 But it gives no clue as to the decade so for each letter it could represent the following years.So if, like me, you love Yamaha Pacificas (and especially if, like me, you like to take them apart and build them into something else) I hope you find something interesting here (like how to do your own set up so useless guitar shops don’t keep ripping you off for substandard work).

IF I HAVE USED ONE OF YOUR PICTURES AND YOU’D LIKE ME TO REMOVE IT, PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY.I’d love to hear what you think about the guitars on the site. And by the way: I don’t work for Yamaha guitars, and I have absolutely nothing to do with the company. I’m hoping this site can become a popular place to visit for like-minded Yamaha Pacifica fans all around the world.NOTE: IS PURELY A FAN SITE AND HAS NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSE WHATSOEVER.If yours doesn’t you’ll need to keep reading to decipher it.If your serial number looks nothing like this 2 letter, 5 number format, check out the other systems used below, your guitar might fit with one of these.

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